Stories of Healing

Since I started bipolarORwakingUP in 2007, I´ve recieved a steady stream of stories from people around the world who feel that they are healing from their bipolar disorder, returning to their lives feeling reborn, as I did a decade ago. As you will see, the secret to healing is the acceptance of the sacred, spiritual aspects of these experiences, and the ability to surrender to this mysterious process. Since the posting of some of these stories, a few people, to their surprise, have had more experiences in the spiritual non-ordinary states of consciousness normally associated with ‘psychosis’.
However, rather than looking at these ‘manias’ as proof of mental illness, I feel that our concern should not be focused on preventing these episodes, as much as compassionately helping people through them, whenever they arise.
From what I´ve seen so far, there is truly nothing to fear from people in non-ordinary states – other than fear itself.
Sean Blackwell

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