>Jan Ott with Soteria House, Amsterdam (Subtitled)

>Back when I first started bipolarORwakingUP, I discovered one guy on YouTube who was talking about his manic episode in the same way that I had described mine. His name was Jan. By the time I contacted him, he had, in fact, returned to medications and was quite depressed. Jan and I would talk often, as I would share with him how I thought our stories were not much different.

Over time, Jan worked hard to heal himself, slowly weaning off his medication.
It´s been over a year since Jan has taken any medication. And since that time, he has had quite a bit of contact with a new clinic opening this year in Amsterdam, based on the model of Dr.Loren Mosher´s Soteria House.

Ever since I met Jan, I was sure that he would make a tremendous advocate for our cause. Here, he shares his story with the people from Soteria, Amsterdam.
Good Luck Jan and Soteria!!!

Sean Blackwell


2 thoughts on “>Jan Ott with Soteria House, Amsterdam (Subtitled)

  1. Hi Sean,
    I would really like to watch the video above as I’m bipolar and live close to Amsterdam.
    If I click on it , it indicates it’s private.
    Kind regards,

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