>Hi Sean,
I was delighted to find your email in my mailbox this morning,10am. I made a pot of coffee and started reading. I finished the coffee at noon and I have just finished reading your book,10pm. I could not stop reading.

I feel as though I have just taken a most fascinating and magical journey. I vigorously applaud you and your wife for the courage of heart that both of you have shown by steadfastly holding onto the strength of your convictions and helping your family. I empathize with your parents, this is scary stuff.

I feel empowered by the information that you have shared so that in the event I am called to Spiritual Midwifery again with any of my children, I trust I will feel more confident and capable to influence a positive outcome. Please shout your message far and wide because I truly believe that giving people medication after they have partially birthed their spirit must feel like trying to stick an Oak back into the acorn.

I am thrilled to be able to pass your work on to my son, it truly only takes the validation from one other to relieve those feelings of alienation. Please drop me a line from time to time to let me know how your journey is unfolding.

You are a brilliant writer and a true Urban Shaman, and God knows we sure could use a whole lot more like you. I was watching a movie last night called ‘Martian Boy’ about a man who adopts an orphan who believes he is from Mars. Towards the end of the movie the mans girlfriend after watching him go to hell and back with this kid says “We put medals on the wrong guys” I think she was right.

I am already looking forward to your next book.
Thanks for my copy of ‘A Quiet Mind’……I love the title………brilliant!