>Piiia, Kundalini and Jill Bolte Taylor

>This story from Piiia in Sweden helps confirm the suspicions that many people have about two things. First, that a Kundalini awakening and a manic episode can often (although not always) be intimately related. Last year, for example, I had a Kundalini experience on a 10 day meditation retreat and never lost touch with daily ‘reality’ like I did during my spiritual emergency. However in Piiia´s case, the Kundalini definitely lead into ‘psychosis’.

Piiia´s other insight is that psychiatrist Dr.Jill Bolte Taylor, now famous through Oprah for attaining ‘Nirvana’ in the middle of a stroke, was in fact having an acute psychosis not much different from the ones many bipolar people have and are medicated for life for. It´s a shame that Dr.JBT couldn´t put 2 and 2 together and figure it out. She could have helped our cause immensely.

Unfortunately, Piiia is still being medicated and has not had the support to help her heal her process. However, as you will read in her story, she´s a bright spark -if anyone will make it through, it´s her!

Hello there Sean,

I’ve been watching many of your videos on You Tube… what a relieving info you share there! So there is actually hope for me!

I’ve experienced 7 different states of psychosis since November 2003. During my first episode I ended up in Paris and the most beautiful thing happened to me… in all of that “chaos”… I sensed that I was in Nirvana (the thing is that I had practiced Kundalini yoga during approximately one year and had what they call a rising of the Kundalini energy up to my crown chakra)… I was completely open and lay on a bed, naked, feeling intense energies through the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet. People around me heard me talk about Buddha, Christ, Nirvana… and I also spoke some, to them (and to me as well?) unknown language. I was completely, calmly euphoric and sensed perfect oneness, unconditional love for the entire universe… + + +… there are in fact no verbal words to describe it, so I stop here… but I guess you’ve had a similar experience…

The other week I watched a video about Jill Bolte-Taylor and her stroke… she experienced a similar thing… look her up on You Tube, if you haven’t heard of her… a friend of mine actually recommended her video, for I contacted him… I just felt so confused… the docs just keep on giving me medicines and saying that I will always be sick and forced to take medicines… and people around me get “scared” when they see me do “strange” things… Like last autumn when the entire town celebrated a “Cultural Day/Night” here in Norrköping, Sweden, with happenings on the streets… artists performing and selling stuff, etc. I worked for an environmental organisation and I just ran around all day doing my thing… mainly trying to get people to come in to visit us and get info about ecology/how to “save the Planet”… after many hours I got really energetic/agitated… a feeling that guided me into performing a spontaneous dance out in the cold September air… I danced to a lonely rhythm: du-dunk du-dunk du-dunk coming from an old machine (exposed by the Museum of Work just 100 meters from where I worked). A big crowd of people gathered around me, fascinated by my moves… I danced, danced, danced barefoot and got really sweaty… ecstatic… and felt like a child… so I did like kids generally do when they get hot… I got rid of my top and continued to dance bare-breasted… after a while I stopped… exhausted… and people did not look very happy at all… no applauds (observation: the crowd mainly consisted of middle-aged+ slightly conservative people)… so I went inside and two persons instantly attacked me and pushed me down on the floor… BUT I managed to get free from their grip and ran away after having collected my clothes…

I then ended up in a place packed with artists and I talked with a guy I had never met, told him everything, cried… and he thought it was weird… I/he mean/t, it was the right “forum” = Cultural event… and he said that during the Gay Pride in Stockholm people walk around half naked… so why cannot people be able to do this in Norrköping when it’s the right forum for it…

Anyway… later on that evening I danced half naked one more time (I guess I had so much energy which just had to get burnt)… in front of McDonald’s on the Main Street of Norrköping… three guys performed folkloristic music, dressed in green clothes and being all smiles and happy… So I danced, and a crowd gathered around me again, people enjoyed the dance, smiling… positive atmosphere… and I felt like an innocent child performing some kind of “trance dance” once more… got rid of my top… without sexual purpose… and after a while I stopped… and…. people applauded!! This time the crowd was more mixed, with adolescents, foreigners, adults… Afterwards a lot of people came up to me to ask me how I had the courage to dance half naked in Norrköping… I cannot remember exactly what I told them, but most probably that I just felt like it and just was in the present moment… I gave them all a “multi-hug” and continued, harmoniously, my walk in the night.

A few days later my therapist came to see me in my home. I was calm, offered her a cup of tea and felt that I needed to tell her everything that had happened… which I shouldn’t have done… after more than one hour of discussion she asked me if I could come with her to the hospital and as I trusted her, I came along… saw a psychiatrist… couldn’t lie… ended up in the psychiatric ward… felt like I was suffocating (I mean, “average Joe” probably wouldn’t enjoy being locked in either… and would react when people use violence), resisted and got chained in one of those beds where one cannot move and gets really non-respectably treated… One “funny” thing in my story is that I have done voluntary work for a non-profit Peace and Non-violence Movement with people like Dalai Lama participating ;-).

Sean, you’ve really inspired me to actually do something actively to help myself to get a descent life… for I do not wish to continue to take 4 different medicines… 8 pills a days and feel like a robot.

I shared info about your way of healing with my psychiatrist… he wasn’t very happy… but I gave him some links to your You Tube info and said that I’m going to try to find my own path to become healed. I do not believe in medicines anymore… but I won’t just stop taking them all on one day… I think it’s better to do it gradually…

Now my problem is that people around me want me to go to the hospital when I get “messy” and they do not recognize me… my best friend, for instance, has the same diagnosis but she believes in the psychiatrists/medicines… so I don’t feel very unconditionally loved when I meet her when being euphoric and sensing oneness with the universe… and my mum absolutely wants me to end up hospitalised… I just cannot trust people I know when I get “unbalanced”…

Well, Sean, all of this is not your problem. I am sure I can find people who I can trust and who are ready to lovingly take care of me if I get psychotic again… All I basically wanted to say is that I am eternally grateful to you for showing me another way out of this Bipolarity that I have gotten tagged with by the docs.

Thank you for doing such a great job inspiring people to Wake Up!

And thank you for having reached these lines 🙂


Pi i ia ♥