>Happy Anniversary, Celtic Shaman!

>I’m not normally good at birthdays, dates and anniversaries but I know for a fact that the last prescription medication I took for Bipolar Disorder was August 25th 2008, therefore I have just celebrated a year off meds and the thanks for this goes to Sean Blackwell or should I say Professor Sean Blackwell of the Universities of Toronto and Sao Paulo!

On one medicated fugged up evening I chanced upon Bipolar or Waking Up on You Tube. I watched all the videos and listened intently to this haunting Canadian Accent broadcasting on Radio Brazil. Synchronicity then led me to New Light Beings, a website set up by Sean and his close confidante Kumail.

[A small correction: Kumail created http://www.newlightbeings.com, I just joined and promoted it…Sean]

From there I prepared myself to read his book, a ‘Quiet Mind’ and I can say with all due respect that I enjoyed this book more than Dr Kay Redfield Jameson’s version of an ‘Unquiet Mind’. The reason simply because Sean was willing to share. He told us about his journey to spiritual awakening and now a year off prescription medication I am more convinced than ever that Bipolar Disorder is a Spiritual Emergency, a shedding of skins, a collapse of the ego.

Of course Sean wouldn’t accept all the responsibility for my continued healing. Thanks need to go to my family, my friends and the much maligned N.H.S here in the UK.

“God Helps those that helps themselves”. Wherever that quote is from, it is true. I am helping myself, I am training my mind which had me enslaved for so many, many years. The Mind is given to you, you are not given to the mind.

I believe that there is a place for prescription medication in some extreme cases if only to alleviate the horror and panic that some spirits pass through but when the light appears at the end of the tunnel, then towards it you must go.

You can follow my spiritual journey prior to waking up at celticshaman.wordpress.com.
Love and Light Brothers and Sisters.


One thought on “>Happy Anniversary, Celtic Shaman!

  1. Hey Sean,

    Good to read/view the work you’ve done. It provides me recognition, support. I’ve had some very special light (spiritual emergency like) psychotic episodes myself. They felt really amazing and lasted a few times a few days or even hours. I experienced a few times very sudden a very different experience-state of love, no fear, higher empathy feelings related to other people, as if I was guided/helped by God. As if he showed me the way: just be relaxed, forget worries, feel love and forgiveness towards other people etc.

    The first time I screamed out loud after my hand automatically wrote the word Jesus. I didn’t expect that to happen and I didn’t understand the meaning of it. Much later I had a terrible back ache in a period of severe stress. In the middle of the night I asked God: “If you exist, please help me out!!”. Within a second after asking my world went totally different, in terms of experience/feeling. Very loving, guidance. My head turned around my neck and later on I moved other parts of my body. Within an hour the terrible pain was totally gone. After this, I started cleaning the bathroom as I viewed the situation different than normal as my sight was brighter, more focused, sharper, so that I saw the mess. I felt I was guided and the movements went automatically. It felt good as the work I did happened really thoroughly and relaxed. Within 2 hours I felt completely normal again and had full control over my own acts.

    2 years after this back-ache experience I had my last experience. It was as if I finally understood the message from the first experience, which I mentioned was the automatically writing down of the name Jesus. I think God gave me insight in the Christ consciousness: I was not the only one who had thought he was Jesus or a reincarnation of him. Lots of people have similar experiences, feeling that they have a connection with Jesus/Christ and that they have an assignment here on earth.

    I now think that every person has potential Christ consciousness in himself that can heal himself from negative emotions like anger, fear, worries, anxiety, sadness, blame etc. Just by following the path of Christ/Buddha, which is empathy for the perpetrator that brought the negative emotions into your life, you can feel forgiveness/love for the other. As long as you stay angry, sad, worried you punish yourself and won’t reach the salvation that’s needed for you to become happy. The path of you, behaving/being (like) Christ is the way to escape from your misery. Which means you should develop empathy (understanding), altruism, love, forgiveness, trust, patience, tolerance and believe that all humans have a good nature if they are raised up with fulfillment of their needs like support, care, respect, unconditional love, trust, loyalty, involvement, safety, interest, etc. If you believe this, you can forgive others what they did to you if you really want. It’s only you feeling your negative emotions, so only you have to deal with it and view your situation differently, in a Christ perspective. The experiences you have are not only experiences from a sick person, but also experiences from a caring God who wants you to heal yourself by making you feel the Christ can be within you, so that you overcome the troubles in your life by your own strength. You had to live through your misery in order to gain knowledge on what bad is. Now the time comes to feel what is GOOD!!!!

    Regards, Marcel Bakker

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