>Man, Norway is definitely waking up!

>It seems like I get more e-mail from Norway than any other country outside the U.S.
Here´s Lil´s story…a classic case of a spiritual awakening that almost went badly. Thank God she had the sense to listen to her intuition and avoid the perils of psychiatry.

Hi Sean Blackwell,

I just came across the blogs and videos on bipolar- spiritual awakening, facts, advice and your story, and after taking a day going through most of it I am so happy to see this and/or YOU expressed in the world! :o)

I of course have gone through a couple of intense experiences myself, the most previous at age 33.

I was not crossing the social acceptable line of behaviour, but then I as well did wake up walking, during a hike with just myself in beautiful wild, free nature of home that is Norway, and I had already months ago withdrawn from society to handle a lot of personal change that was going on after a rather traumatic breakup with the man that I had lived with, and really, unconsciously had created a good setting for what to come.

I felt I was just a millimeter from flying and if I had had a strong enough faith I would have left the groun doing exact that, at that hike. I still believe in that faith cam move mountains.

The state of love, oneness and wisdom and completeness was of course the best that ever had happened to me, and undescribable and lasted for about 3 weeks, changed me and my life forever, inside out, and I miiiight just have been seeming a little bit distant for people that saw or met me at that time.

I hardly spoke to anyone during that time, just withdrew and lived the experience in peace.

What was best for me doing was being in silence, hiking, writing, dancing, photographying, playing my violin and really just follow intuition of the moment.
One late fall night I was guided to a mountain out in “the middle of nowhere”, first driving then walking; and it was amazing to walk in the dark so full of trust and experiencing zero fear, me that used to be afraid of the dark. I felt surrounded and on a mission, like it was a test leading to an initiation of some kind.

The mountain showed to be, afterwards when I was researching a bit; to be a sacred mountain in older times culture and that exact night also one of the really powerful full moon nights of fall. I had never put feet there in this life, and knew nothing about the esoteric field or about nature religions or any religion really, and it was very fascinating discovering afterwards there was some kind of evidence for the feeling of importance and sacredness that I felt when I was following guidance there. I still belive in that feeling, but the reality around it is in continously evolvement, as I myself evolve and learn: What a fascinating life.

I was in touch with psychiatry afterwards for my emotional/mental confusion during the sort of crisis of identity and reality that this was for me and because I needed someone to talk to. I did not tell anything spiritual to my counsellor though, because when I sat there with her I saw how she would judge it if I did. Now I did not get much out of her help either, so stopped going there after a while.

Tried seeing another, now 4 years after, to get help with some mind reprogramming, was thinking about cognitive therapy that I believe can be very good, but came out of there reduced to a nobody without right to influence my own destiny and by her, with law in hand, kind of forced into a “judgement box” that I myself never really had been into or even did believe in.

It was really quite frightening, and did wake up more of a compassion within me, with people that really depend on the help of psychiatry.

I was “shotguninterwieved” by her in over an hour (I am not the one lying when people ask me something, so told her that I believed in spiritual dimensions and non physical existence and that I had a couple of experiences in my life, when she asked) and she of course by using her systems drew her conclutions, so that I went out of her office with the diagnosis too high dopamine and a minor psycosis plus minor schizophrenia, and the message medication was my only hope mastering life as I wanted, and that I would probably get alzheimers if I did not start the medications.

And my participation in her thought process was out of the question, she seemed very experienced controlling people to have her job done..

I do not take drugs though. I said thank you so much for the help, shaked her hand and walked out. And I did not go back. Found my help in a spiritually awake life coach that I worked with successfully through 6 months, and learned enough to become my own mind leader.

The experience with the psychiatrist really made me think a lot, and it kicked me forwards in my own research on holistic health that I have been doing for a hobby since the big awakening. Psychiatry led me to seek other, more alternative ways, and finding success with that.

Now your videos and blogs gave me a lot, and what you shared will keep on growing with me; thank you so much and all the best to you and yours always! :o)

Much love!