>David Williams

>Before the Introduction to his book a ‘Quiet Mind’ Sean Blackwell of Canada, Brazil, the World dedicates “To those who have been stamped Bi-polar, your time will come”. Well my time has come to write this book review. I came the classic way to read this stirring and moving autobiography., through Sean’s You Tube Channel ‘Bipolar or Waking Up’. From there I gravitated to becoming a member of New Light Beings and from there I had the opportunity to read a Quiet Mind. The title, a head nod to the oft quoted Bipolar Expert Dr Kay Redfield Jamison who wrote an ‘Unquiet Mind.

Sean’s book is very personal and like his videos he lays himself bare. Unlike Dr Jamison Sean does talk about his episode in great detail. It was Dr Stan Grof who became very influential in Sean’s understanding of what happened to him. He coined the term Spiritual Emergency to define the beneficial Manic Episode. ‘Discovering you are not alone is a huge relief for many’, Sean says and the number of people worldwide who write to Sean and comment on his videos are a testament to this sense of universal relief but it took a brave man to open the gates to something which has become a flood. A ’Quiet Mind’ is the testament of a very brave man, a man who is not scared to dig deep amongst his background, upbringing and family to find the answers that led to his own spiritual emergency.

‘Somewhere on the way from high school to university to the world of advertising, life had lost its magic’. In his book Sean describes this loss and of how he re-discovered the magic amongst the ancient temples of Peru and in the rainforests of Brazil and in the arms of a loved one. Sean believes that it was a near death experience that sparked his spiritual emergency but it appears that enrolling on a course called the Forum which triggered it.

It is after the emergency that the book really takes off in Part Two ‘The Struggle for Integrity’. I believe from hearing a number of peoples stories that their emergencies are very dramatic but it is the journey afterwards that holds the most interest. This is where the challenge lies, in gaining insight into your condition and in finding that safe and gentle place. It was during this period that Sean discovered his psychic potential which in turn led him to discover the wonders of the printed word and the video channel. Sean was shedding his old skin and it is in Part Three déjà vu that we discover, what Sean discovered.

I found Sean’s life story exciting. I believe that he is on a Mission, and that Mission, like the film has him in Brazil. He has brought light and understanding to a condition that appears to imprison or release, dependant on your state of mind.
Thank’s to Sean Blackwell and his quiet mind, I am nearly a year free of medications after being diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder. He has inspired me to write my own story and if that is half as well written as his own story then I will be a happy man. Obrigada Sean and Ligia.


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