>Dr. David Lukoff….

>In 1972, Harvard student David Lukoff had an experience lasting over 2 months in which which he thought he was Jesus Christ and Buddha and was on a messianic mission to save the world. What was really weird…he was Jewish!

Luckily for David, his experience happened during the hippy trippy ’70’s and some friends of his in California just let him hang out and work through what I´m sure they thought was some kind of acid trip or something like that.

Fast-forward to 2009, and Dr.David Lukoff is a leader in the fight to get spiritual experiences of so-called psychosis recognized in the psychiatric field. A leading transpersonal psychologist, he helped get the term ‘Spiritual or Religious Problem’ accepted in the DSM 4 (The Bible of mental illness).

Today, not only does he work with people with serious mental disorders, he has a website where he works to educate mental health professionals to the importance of the spiritual aspects of our experiences.


He gives a great interview on Madness Radio about his experience on the Other Side and his recovery. I highly recommend that you give it a listen, its great.

Click here to listen to the interview…



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