>D J….

>Hi Sean,

I’m not sure if you remember me emailing you the first time but I just finished reading your book and was extremely moved by it. I feel it has also given me a better perspective into my experiences thus far and for that I cannot thank you enough. I also cannot thank you enough for you helping me promote my own beliefs that medication IS NOT THE WAY FORWARD. Medication made me feel completely ignorant towards my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideals and emotions to the point where my brain functionality felt like it had completely broken down. Where-as I felt like I used to be able to think in great depth it felt like there was some kind of blockage in my head that was preventing me from rationally completing my own individual thought process which felt both unnatural and unhealthy. Taking the particular medication that I was on (Prozac) not only gave me chronic stomache aches but I also believe that it contributed to my self harming as I felt even more trapped inside myself as I was not able to think things through or piece things together. I have stopped taking the medication for about 2 weeks now and although I do not feel any less in touch with my mind, I hope that I will do over time. I do not want to repress things any further, I want to feel them and understand them so that I can fully heal and understand myself on a much deeper level.


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