>Edward Whitney, M.D.

>“One night in May 1994 I was stopped by the police as I wandered on the beach in my underwear and T-shirt, merging with the electrons in distant galaxies and looking for God. I was not sure whether I was Hitler, Elijah the prophet, or King Lear gone mad. All I knew for certain was that I had surrendered my customary frames of reference and had chosen to trust a process over which I no longer had control.”

This is the first paragraph of the story of Spiritual Emergency as told by Dr.Whitney. The rest of his story is posted on the webpage of Psychiatric Services by clicking here.


6 thoughts on “>Edward Whitney, M.D.

  1. >so I’ve just been diagnosed with bipolar II and borderline personality disorder yesterday. They seem similar. I am 38 years old and have been living with this for at least 20 years. Lately, it seems to be getting both better and worse. I have never taken meds and I really don’t want to. The difference I am seeing between your experience and mine is that you have only had one. And it was relatively enjoyable for you. I have battled with dozens of crisis situations and they have been far from pleasant, though I totally fit your description of post modern whatever. Currently, I live in a town that I just moved to a month ago. I have no friends here, no support system whatsoever. I have just been to three sessions with a therapist who diagnosed me yesterday. I’m feeling really weird because I don’t know what to make of any of this. I’ve been in a weird state of mind since I drove away from her office. I watched the video that was on your youtube thing- the one with the bear hug. I have had people in my life who react to me exactly the opposite- they get angry when I’m going down the rabbit hole and all it ever does is drive me further down and make me that much worse. I live in fear of my next trip down the rabbit hole. I really feel like I’m losing my mind a lot of the time. I need help. I don’t know where to turn.please email me.

  2. >I too am confused like 88words. I have similar diagnosis to her and life is very difficult. How come you seem to only have had one experience of mania and what about depression how do you deal with that? Please get in touch as I am all with you on ‘An Unquiet mind’ and the every patronising Kay. Thanks

  3. >Reading some of these other comments reminds me of the surprise I felt at the different permutations and combinations of ‘up’ vs ‘down’. In my own case, most of my time is ‘down’ with maybe one or two ‘ups’ a year, none lasting longer than a day. With one notable exception—a three to four week period of continuous mania either producing or being the product of a ‘spiritual awakening’. Impossible to describe that period in limited space but what I can say is that the experience changed me forever, so that later, when much of the intensity had burnt out and the old pattern began re-asserting itself, even then, the spiritual hangover so to speak lessened the impact of the downs in a life dominated by downs. Of course I trieed to regain the insights and the emotions of that time, but so far I have been unsuccessful. Doesn’t matter— I will always have those three weeks…masterymistery at cosmic rapture

  4. >88words, Pat Murphy and MasteryMystery…Sorry for the delay on the comments. And I don´t know how to write to you directly. Please let me know how to do this! As far as being confused, well, I think that is a healthy place to be, as opposed to simply buying into the psychiatric model of chemical imbalance. At this point, I’m creating a portfolio of videos on my YouTube channel to help you see things from a more positive, spiritual perspective. A few drawbacks are things like….until now, I haven´t been able to address the issue of fearful or paranoid experiences. However, as time passes, I´ll be doing my best to provide more and more information on this perspective. In the meantime, if I were you, I would check out the book list I have on the right. I plan on expanding it soon, but I firmly beleive that gaining access to consciousness shifting information and education is the first step towards healing your condition once and for all.Sean

  5. >Sorry to hog the comment space but I want to make a point about medication. First the proviso that these are my experiences, my opinions — they are not neccassarily translatable for anyone other than me. I was initially reluctant to go on medication because I was opposed philosophically to the idea of chemical engineering of thoughts and feelings.Until I realised that all thought and feeling is chemically engineered anyway, including ‘natural’ thought and feeling.I was also concerned about possible impacts on my creativity–as a writer/artist/musician that is very important to me. Anyway, cut a long comment short, after some trials and tribulations a number of years ago I went on a program of medication — not the SSRI, the generation before that. The Brand name is “Endep” — don’t know what the chemical formulation is. I found the endep to be very effective at reducing the depression, helping my insomnia, and (strangely enough) completely curing a stomach disorder that had been bothering me for many years. I found no detrimental impacts on my creativity—in fact the opposite: I found the medication actually promoted a higher level of creativity. I did not feel that the improvement in mood was artificial or ‘chemical’ in any way. I have noticed as a side effect a very marked reduction in libido, which, to be honest, is good news to me. Having been ‘cursed’ (or so I would characterise it) with a very high libido to me the reduction in libido was a very significant benefit.Anyway, that’s my story. Medication highly effective for me.

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