>DJ from Norway on the Knowing its Over..

>How I knew it was all over…

How do you know that your bipolarity is over? For many I guess, it’s like claiming to have met god or something. People love to be suspicious. I can’t prove that my bipolarity is over (although time eventually will), but my prediction and conviction to what I consider to be a fact, still holds water and 11 years has passed by with no medicine and no change of lifestyle. I am not going to bed early and keeping away from “wrong doings” that may trigger the mania – I consider this to be false warnings and lies that are served by many of the wise guys and know-all-psychiatric-do-gooders. Changing your lifestyle for the better is always a good thing. Go to sleep early, eat healthy food, meditating, exercising and all these things can help you in every way, but has nothing to do with keeping your bipolar ups and downs away.

It’s quit the contrary: By not changing your views and way of life, but evolving together with your true self and not allowing anyone or anything to limit your lust for life, you will eventually recognize that this is the way to freedom from any diagnosis put upon you. As I have come to know and get insight to this phenomenon, I have seen that the main cause to why your mania appears and why it may disappear for good has to do with your relationship with yourself, your history and the communication you are exercising regarding you and your surroundings. When some spiritual hang up finally looses its hold on you, I believe it’s your common sense that finally ticks in. Common sense is considered an alien quality amongst those labeled with bipolar disorder, so my presumption is that maybe we just don’t look for the answers within the common sense aria? So what I did was to reclaim my common sense, and not allowing any outsider to define me or tell me what to do. I reclaimed my freedom saying to myself that I can do whatever I feel like, just like any other, because I am any other. I am not a victim of bipolar disorder and I am not one who has to walk with caution through the corridors of life taking advice from people who wasn’t even close to recognizing who I was and who’s lives was limited through doctrine, dogmas and/or conventions. Who are they to tell you? You – who are a rich vast of colorful first hand experience and a billion times more than that! How can someone outside know of anyone’s inner truth? The truth is that they don’t and never will. That is also how it should be. I am who I am and as long as I indulge in life (and are permitted to do so by my self) with the same errors, flaws, and mistakes as any free individual, I am happy.

It was all over because I came to know something essential about society and myself after years of investigation and exploration. If you ever meet someone who has been beaten down spiritually, mentally or in other serious matter, and who has managed to reclaim their dignity and joy for life, you will always here them saying that their seemingly devastating experience was in fact all worth while. It gave them an insight they never imagined existed. It gave them humbleness towards life’s wonders and miracles. It gave them security and self-confidence to be who they are, no matter what. It also gave them the confidence to be an experienced resource for family, friends and people around them.


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