>Django Novo – Oslo, Norway

>Here’s the counter attack to the famous book entitled “An Unquiet Mind” written by Kay Redfield Jamison. “A Quiet Mind”, in my opinion, leaves K.R Jamison’s book trembling in the corner by telling nothing but the truth. Turning the picture upside down (or rather putting it straight!), “A Quiet Mind” emphasizes on the more positive sides to bipolarity. Or more precisely: The spiritual aspects of it. The ever so popular diagnose Bipolar Disorder is exploited by the pharmaceutical industry and used as a name to describe a seemingly incurable mental decease that needs the attention from mood stabilizing pills for the rest of your life. A theory backed up by nearly every psychiatrist in today’s society.

Being an ex-bipolar myself, I know for a fact that this isn’t true. But the truth never gets the attention it deserves. Fear is a powerful weapon to use – not to find truth – but to find a model that doesn’t acquire your honest attention and that aims to leave you comfortable with the idea that you at least are getting the meds you need to live a fairly balanced life, plus the comfort of going along with what the professionals insists is the answer for you. And should you feel that you have the answers inside and that there is something fishy going on, well then that is probably your inner idiot talking, who of course is in complete denial.

It all sickens me, and that is why “A Quiet Mind” was a joyride to read. It was all over way too fast, but it also indicated the beginning to a hopefully long and lasting journey for Sean Blackwell. He is exploring, investigating and helping people help themselves whilst spreading the word about a very important side to “Bipolar Disorder”. Sean Blackwell, in my opinion, also manages to turn this into what I consider important pioneer work – mainly because of the message itself, but also because he is doing it on an everyday peoples level!

“A Quiet Mind” tells the story of a very normal guy who experiences what he believes is enlightenment or a spiritual awakening. First he thinks he is dead and gone to some kind of limbo land, where the world seems like a dream and the people in it seem to be in on the joke! This spiritual episode happens after he has had a scuba diving accident that almost killed him, and he soon puts the two incidents together. “A Quiet Mind” tells the story of a man in search for spiritual guidance and who finds it after what seems very similar to what psychiatry refer to as a manic bipolar episode.

“A Quiet Mind” is a storytelling, endearing, funny, engaging, uplifting and a truly wise and honest book about his own experiences before and after the episode and the insight he gets by recognizing the healing process that takes place in a manic situation. Sean Blackwell looks straight at you and tells you what he believes is important for you to hear. Through his contributions on YouTube and with this book, he is operating with no filters to protect him and is set out on a mission to give you tools you need to understand all aspects of Bipolar Disorder or – preferably – spiritual enlightenment.

For those who are experiencing spiritual enlightenment amongst friends or family, this book is crucial. For those who are labeled with Bipolar Disorder – medicated or not – “A Quiet Mind” gives the insight you need or may already have, but maybe didn’t recognize as such.

Sean Blackwell’s “A Quiet Mind” introduces a perspective that aims to respect and honor you for your spiritual experiences, underlining that the answer to self-discovery and healing lays within – the answer that isn’t guided by fear of the unknown aspects of your inner spiritual world, but rather embraces them.

Django Novo. Artist and ex-bipolar.


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